January 29, 2018

"1/8/09: He is doing a fine job, is better than our previous person, and is only a few dollars more. He also hauled away a lot of wood and debris and did a lot of clean up after some wind damage. It's been a very positive experience. He always shows up and is very responsive to calls if I need to add something or request something different. He always gets it right. He comes any time during the week. As far as meetings, he has always been on time. 1/09/09: I will have Ralph back in the spring! Description of work: Mowed lawn weekly, mulched weeds & trees into bed. Spread wood chips into same bed & removed large tree branches from site. 3/10/11: Ralph has been great to work with. He is flexible and always suggests new ideas. 12/28/12: Ralph does an excellent job for a reasonable price. I recommend him for general lawn work."
May 13, 2011

"The job was done very well. He finished the job in one day."
October 1, 2010

"He was helpful to me. After I left the country he let me know a tree fell on my house and helped me remove it. I wouldn’t have known about it had he not called me."
June 29, 2009

"Our lawn had become VERY long and I called Ralph to come out and get it under control. His communication and scheduling were both excellent. We had to reschedule the mowing a few times due to rain but Ralph always did a good job communicating when work would be done. Once the weather cooperated Ralph showed up when expected and did a great job. Within the course of a few hours our lawn was neatly mowed, edged, and trimmed."
November 11, 2008

"They did great work and on time. The price listed is what it cost everytime they came out. I am no longer in the area, but if I was I would still be using them."